Adovia stand out as the first skin care line to combine minerals and herb extracts. They describe their products as a ‘cocktail’ for the skin, and it can’t be denied that Adovia include a welcome variation of healthy ingredients in their products.

In particular, Adovia are good for addressing certain skin conditions, and products (such as the acne soap) target specific issues. Therefore, we like that Adovia are straightforward and provide clarity on which skin care products are best for your skin.

Whilst the packaging tends to give off quite a simplistic impression, don’t be fooled, as it’s what’s inside that counts! Products contain a high content of minerals, anti-oxidants and vitamins, with one of the bestselling being the Adovia Moisturising Day Cream. This cream is amazing as a moisturizer. It absorbs quickly, feels light, and seems to last all day. The Dead Sea minerals are infused with other vitamins in this product, rating it highly on our list for a nourishing skin care experience! The scent of this cream is perhaps a more ‘acquired’ smell- and this generally seems to be something to be aware of across products. If you’re fussy about lovely fragrances, Adovia may not be the one for you.

Adovia Moisturising Day Cream
Adovia Moisturising Day Cream

This said, the scent doesn’t seem to last long- only really on application- and if you’re hoping to revitalize the skin then Adovia’s combination of minerals is very welcome indeed!


  • A cocktail combination of minerals, vitamins and nutrients are packed inside Adovia’s products
  • High mineral and anti-oxidant content lead to nourishment and helps with skin issues


  • The packaging is not the most inspiring
  • If you prefer a brand with more fragrance options, then you should try Jericho or Ahava who have a much wider fragrance range than Adovia

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