Globally renowned Ahava harnesses the powerful mud minerals sourced from the Dead Sea. Established in the 80s, Ahava’s aim was to achieve healthy, smoothing and nutrient-rich skincare.

Ahava hosts an extensive line of body, skin, bath and hair care, for both women and men. For most products, the signature ingredient is the minerals from the Dead Sea, which contain calcium, magnesium and potassium: we love that Ahava is all about nurturing the skin!

What’s great about many of the Ahava products is that they are of a high quality and achieve welcome results. In particular, the moisturising products are silky in texture and leave the skin feeling light and smooth. And not only is Ahava soft on the skin, it’s a brand that’s gentle, too. We appreciate this brand’s commitment to not using parabens, petroleum or synthetics. As a vegan company, Ahava is great if you’re after a natural skin care approach.

Ahava also ‘stand out’ for their own patent range: the Dead Sea Crystals Osmoter technology. The line is described as a ‘mineral catalyst,’ and the ingredients list is really impressive!

One specific product to read reviews for is Ahava’s Dead Sea Crystals Osmoter x6, where you can even see for yourself how celebrated the brand’s latest formulation is! The x6 product tackles wrinkles as a targeted serum- and it comes with noticeable results. All too often, we can feel sceptical about anti-aging products, but the Dead Sea Crystals Osmoter x6 does seem to visibly reduce lines and smooth rough patches of skin. It’s packed with natural oils and over 21 minerals, delivering firmness, brightness and maximum hydration.

Dead Sea Crystals Osmoter x6
Dead Sea Crystals Osmoter x6

Other popular products by Ahava are:

  • Ahava Mineral Hand Cream
  • Ahava Mud Mask
  • Ahava bath salts
  • Ahava facial mud exfoliator
  • Ahava essential day moisturizer
  • Ahava extreme firming eye cream

There’s not much to speak badly of when it comes Ahava. They’re a great company, with great experience, patents and skin care lines! The only thing to address might be the price, which leans towards the more expensive side of skincare for the amount that is provided. However, you are paying for high quality and careful formulations across the brand. Here, the quality definitely seems to pay off!


  • Packed with minerals, which helps to deeply nourish skin
  • The Osmoter range develops, using the later technology and research to provide the best product
  • Great for sensitive skin


  • Some products are quite expensive
  • There’s lots of products to choose from- but you’d have to spend quite a bit of money to trial a few


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