Beauty Mineral

If you’re truly into skincare, you’ll appreciate the value of what’s inside your products and how they’re formulated. Beauty Mineral boasts one of the highest standards of skin care production, putting emphasis on extensive research and advanced technologies into their products.

With Dead Sea products, the amount of minerals can vary, but when it comes to Beauty Mineral, you can expect a high concentration! This is great if you’re searching for a brand that has truly enriched products from the powerful Dead Sea elements.

In addition to this, Beauty Mineral hold great therapeutic properties. One of their best-sellers is their ‘Renewal Vitalizing Day Cream.’ We like that this product has SPF15- a key factor when it comes to protecting the skin and helping to retain appearance. In addition to this, Beauty Mineral’s Day Cream has a real suppleness to it: it’s a velvety, soothing feel.

Beauty Mineral Renewal Vitalizing Day Cream
Beauty Mineral Renewal Vitalizing Day Cream

This brand has a more focussed set of signature products, unlike comparable brands- that you may get lost in! At Beauty Mineral, it’s easy to find what you’re looking for, and they appear to drive their attention into ensuring your main skincare products are of the best quality (rather than having too many variables!) This said, if you’re someone that likes a large range of choice then you might not be so much a fan of this direct approach.

Prices are reasonable and the store regularly supplies offers and ‘2 for 1’ style deals- which is helpful if you’re on the hunt for new cosmetics to try!

Finally, one of our favourite things about Beauty Mineral is their packaging. It’s ‘clean,’ classy and straightforward. It reflects their perhaps more ‘clinical’ approach to skin care, yet the ingredients list shrieks of Dead Sea vitamins!


  • Focusses on the science and advanced technology of signature skincare products
  • The packaging is classy and clear- you know what you’re getting and it looks good!


  • If you like to browse a large range of choice in lines, then this may not be the shop for you

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