DermaSea Anti-Aging

Harnessing the richness of the Dead Sea minerals, DermaSea’s focus is all about rejuvenation, using nutrient-fuelled formulations. Caviar and seaweed are amongst the ingredients lists used in the DermaSea line, and it’s the signature anti-aging kit that this brand are known for.

The Anti-Aging Skin Care Kit by Derma Sea is designed to be applied daily, and to last for about one month. This DermaSea lotion works wonders for both immediate and long-term results, should it be used daily in a skin care regime.

DermaSea provide the one kit, which includes ‘Active Serum,’ ‘Face Lift’ and ‘Eye Lift.’ Each part needs to be utilised daily in order to achieve results. Whilst skin care lovers enjoy applying more than one product at a time, those that are short on time might feel there’s three elements too many for a daily routine. However, it’s worth having the patience for your daily dose of DermaSea’s anti-aging kit, as it’s moist and not greasy on the skin and does appear to work quite successfully at smoothing lines and wrinkles. It helps to give skin a youthful, radiant glow- and we think it feels rejuvenating.

DermaSea’s anti-aging kit
DermaSea’s anti-aging kit

Do go steady with this kit, though, if you want it to last for a month’s worth. The tubes of formulation are quite small- there’s no room for excessive portions.


  • Shows signs of successful results
  • Rich, nutrient-fuelled formulations creating a rejuvenating radiance on your skin


  • Three parts to the kit, which might seem ‘fussy’ to some
  • You need to be careful with how much you use if you want the product to last for the month it is designed for

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