Frequently Asked Questions

1) Which Dead Sea products are the best?
The majority of Dead Sea products are packed with minerals: brilliant for nourishing the skin and perfect for healthy moisturization! However, we particularly love Jericho Cosmetics ‘black mud’ range (such as the ‘black mud body wrap,’) for a luxury, natural skincare experience.

Ahava also offer a ‘natural’ approach, with vegan products indulging your skin in a mineral richness. Their ‘Osmoter’ range is high on the list if it’s moisturization you’re after.

When it comes to choosing Dead Sea products, we’d recommend paying that ‘little bit extra’ on quality products, for the best ingredients and outcomes!

2) Are Dead Sea Products Good?
If you source good-quality and authentic Dead Sea products, then you’re in for a real treat! With richly sourced ingredients, even Cleopatra was historically claimed to reap the benefits of these minerals on her skin! Today, you’ll find Dead Sea products used in top spas- all over the world- for deeply therapeutic, moisturising qualities.

3) Are Dead Sea Products also good for Psoriasis and Acne?
Yes, the Dead Sea is famous for ‘helping’ even the harshest of skin care issues! However, it’s best to select the specific products that aim to for those issues to achieve the most comfortable skin care results.

4) Why the Dead Sea Salts are salty?
Dead Sea salts are high in concentrated minerals and are about 10% sodium. As the name suggests, these salts are sourced from the Dead Sea, which is famous for being the saltiest body of water in the world! You might recognise it as the sea where people ‘float!’

5) What’s Dead Sea salt?
Dead Sea salt is not edible: it has a low sodium content and instead has a high content of other minerals, such as Potassium, Calcium and Bromine. It is this high mineral presence that gives Dead Sea salt therapeutic properties that are sought after and celebrated! This is what causes its uniqueness.

6) What is Dead Sea salt good for?
Because of its mineral presence, Dead Sea salt is good for skin ailments such as Eczema and Psoriasis. In addition to this, people all around the Globe rave about Dead Sea salt because it has rich properties that can be applied to skin. It is known to reduce redness and roughness, as well as to nourish and restore natural skin tone. There’s 21 minerals inside Dead Sea salt- the power of which is good for the skin.

7) Why is Dead Sea mud good for your skin?
Dead Sea mud is high in the salty, mineral-rich content that the body of water is celebrated for. With restorative and nourishing properties for the skin, using this mud can work wonders on the skin as it is the ocean with the most concentrated number of minerals!

8) I have found online Dead Sea products that sell trials offers such a $1 trial, – is it worth it?/
No, do not be tempted to go for brands who offer you aggressive marketing tactics, even for $1 trials online. Our teams of bloggers and editors advise you to choose from the top 10 brands listed above.
See FTC, who are after companies who act in non-compliant ways:

9) Should I buy Dead Sea Products in the mall or online?
We advise you not to buy in places with aggressive ‘sales people,’ but rather shop in an environment of experts and relaxation. Therefore, official top brand websites are the perfect place to buy. Additionally, our website gives Dead Sea cosmetics reviews, so you can read real experiences before you buy!

10) Where can I find the best deals online for Dead Sea top products?
At varying intervals, this page is updated with special coupons offers. Please stop by to check for our latest updates. We endeavour to find some of the best deals online for top Dead Sea products.