Jericho Cosmetics

As the largest manufacturer and supplier of Dead Sea body and skincare products, it is without doubt that Jericho Cosmetics is well established in delivering top quality. Whilst there are hundreds of Dead Sea brands on the market, Jericho is unique: the company owns the largest factory for these cosmetics (and manufacture for other brands.)

Jericho Cosmetics were the first company to bring the natural minerals and black mud of the Dead Sea into marketable, therapeutic products. This Israeli-born brand began in 1982, in the market before Ahava (established in 1988,) so Jericho Cosmetics is definitely a great place to start.

Offering a range of face care and body care, you may recognise this as a brand popular within spa and beauty centres, who utilise Jericho’s products and boost its therapeutic reputation. This is because one of the key ingredients across the brand is ‘black mud’ from the Dead Sea, and one of the company’s bestsellers is the Black Mud Soap, Jericho Black Mud Shampoo and Mud Mask. At a very affordable price, whilst being packed with mineral-empowered ingredients, it’s a multipurpose soap to treat all skin types. It’s even famed to aid skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema! You can’t really argue with a soap as versatile as this.

However, it’s certainly not just soaps that Jericho Cosmetics provide. The masks and sea scrubs are also particularly popular and, whilst these products are much higher in price, Jericho Cosmetics aren’t shy in offering free samples. You can easily request these in your online shopping basket so you get to trial some of their products before committing to purchase.

As a recommendation, the Facial Pearl Mask helps to reduce skin bacteria: it leaves your skin feeling soft and well hydrated and is a lovely mask. This said, it’s quite pricey and some of the ingredients do include acids and alcohol if you’re someone who tends to steer clear of these when choosing your skincare lines.

Jericho Cosmetics Facial Pearl Mask
Jericho Cosmetics Facial Pearl Mask

Overall, however, we love Jericho Cosmetics and are a big fan of brands with a large range of amazing products!


  • Plenty of samples, across products, available to request from the online Jericho Cosmetics shop
  • Black mud soap is great- and very popular for many different skin types!
  • This is a great brand for hydration- they focus highly on hydrating the skin through mineral concentration


  • Sometimes the pricing doesn’t seem consistent across the shop- some products are very affordable, whilst others seem expensive (despite ingredients lists not showing huge differences)
  • This is a company that does include alcohol and synthetics in products- if you’re not keen on seeing those in your skin care ingredients’ lists

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