Kedma Cosmetics

Kedma celebrates a historic approach to skincare, fusing ancient Egyptian cosmetics with the minerals of the Dead Sea! Kedma Cosmetics aims to revitalise skin, bringing the anti-aging properties of innovative technologies to bring a youthful appearance to skin.

Amazingly, Kedma are unique in enriching their products with gold, harking back to the days of Egyptian Cleopatra! Gold stimulates cell growth and regenerates skin cells, making it an ingredient that- if you can afford it- is an exclusive luxury. Gold is also linked to boosting the skin’s collagen, which is another ‘secret’ to anti-aging skincare!

For skin care buyers on a small budget, Kedma does cater, too. Their best-selling Kedma Hand Cream is very reasonably priced (especially when compared to the price of the ‘gold’ range.)

Kedma Hand Cream
Kedma Hand Cream

On the down side, you might feel like browsing Kedma seems a bit ‘hit and miss’ -unless you know what you’re looking for- as the price brackets can be some of the widest out there.

However, Kedma are convincing when they say that their products lead to smoother, healthier and younger-looking skin. For the best of this, we’d recommend checking out the products’ ingredients lists. The amount of natural and ‘healthy’ ingredients is impressive- in every product!

A particular favourite has got to be Kedma’s ‘acne soap’ (Dead Sea Pimple Care Soap.) This is a sought-after product for anyone with acne, containing coconut oil, olive oil and Dead Sea mud- amongst others. This soap really stands out as a great product, and feels soft and satisfying on the skin, too! Kedma’s one to explore- that’s for sure!


  • There’s a very generous range of products and price tags to choose from
  • Good for all skin types- the ‘acne soap’ is one to especially note!
  • Combines unique Egyptian, Dead Sea and gold formulations, for the maximum in skin care experience


  • Some products can be out of price range for the average skin care buyer
  • Their official site looks less efficient than the top brands, (we checked it on Black Friday and didn’t see any special promo on site.) We can verify that Kedma are legitimate, but you might want to request a tracking number when you order, to make sure your order is safely processed and on the way

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