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With a focus on drawing out toxins and regenerating skin cells, -417 is a good brand to explore! With products that have been scientifically proven to repair dry and unbalanced skin- as well as address skin conditions- we’re a fan of -417 for its desires to optimize nourishment.

The company’s founder had a real passion for art, which no longer seems to shine through -417’s packaging (the packaging could be described as a little plain and uninspiring!) However, the founder’s other passion for Dead Sea skincare certainly does stand out, with a vast selection of products all packed with precious mineral content!

The spa-quality ‘Hygienic Mud Soap’ is a popular choice, with active ingredients designed to draw out nasty toxins. We think this product is particularly best for oily skin though, as it does leave skin with a ‘drier sensation.’

Minus 417 Hygienic Mud Soap
Minus 417 Hygienic Mud Soap

As well as products covering all aspects of a facial routine, -417 also have a good selection of body care products, if you’re someone who likes to attend to all-over skin care. The ‘Dead Sea Salt Scrub’ is lovely, and is packed with 21 vital nutrients for bath time- which may be one of the closest experiences you get to actually swimming in the richness of the Dead Sea!

Overall, we’d recommend trying -417 if you’re keen to detox or address oily skin. This seems to be the company’s specialism and their products steer more towards this.


  • If you’re keen on drawing out toxins, or have more oily skin, then -417 is a good brand to go to
  • Fairly priced with scientifically-proven backing


  • Some products, such as the Mud Soap, may leave skin feeling a little dry (if you don’t have oily skin)
  • Their website looks a bit outdated, we suggest purchasing them on Amazon for a better experience

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