Endorsed by global superstar Mariah Carey, Premier Dead Sea skincare is one to watch when it comes to strong consumer following and popularity. Premier especially prides itself on high levels of customer service, satisfaction and strict quality control to ensure a really great experience when shopping with this brand. Premier have also won many awards, showcasing their impressive journey to being a top cosmetics brand.

And it’s got to be said, if you want informative, reliable and straightforward shopping, then Premier’s online experience is excellent!

With regards to the products, Premier has almost every skincare product you can think of! This brand is so clearly passionate about offering customers a breadth of choice, as well as celebrating everything that the Dead Sea ingredients has to offer!

By fusing the extremely concentrated minerals of the Dead Sea into their moisturisers, cleansers, toners, serums, masks (you name it- they’ve got it,) Premier is able to provide buyers with a healthier way to love cosmetics.

The deeply concentrated mud minerals nourishes skin whilst cleansing your body, and one of the bestsellers from this brand is the PRESTIGE Concentrated Facial Serum with Vitamins C&E (despite its high-end price tag.) Described as an elixir, this facial serum is filled with Vitamins C&E, Rosehip Kernel oil, Retinol and Orange oil- and they’re key ingredients when it comes to making skin appear younger.

Premier use these essential and natural oils in many of their products, to help moisturize the skin. We love that you’re left feeling silky, even after the suds have rinsed away!

In addition to this, the Dead Sea Salt Scrubs are lovely from Premier. These contain genuine salts from the Dead Sea- a place where the salts contain a high level of minerals- and are an excellent exfoliate. These scrubs feel super soft and locks in moisture. They smell great, too!

Dead Sea Salt Scrubs
Dead Sea Salt Scrubs

Premier are a skincare brand worth exploring and researching. If you look at the ingredients lists and formulations, you’ll begin to appreciate the immense sourcing that these products require. There’s incredible ingredients sourced- and incorporated naturally- from all over the Globe.

And we feel that the price of high quality ingredients really pays off when it comes to Premier!


  • Excellent and highly recommended customer service
  • A hugely vast amount of skincare products to choose from
  • This brand provides products with silky, smoothing sensations


  • The high-end price tags may be off-putting for some
  • We found the packaging a bit too ‘over the top.’ Whilst some might like the jar-shaped packaging, others might feel it looks a bit out of place in their bathroom!

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