Sea of Spa

As a more affordably priced Dead Sea skincare brand, Sea of Spa products retain the replenishing natural minerals of similar companies. You can view an informative clip, here.

Taking a more transparent approach to skincare, Sea of Spa has three more scientifically-themed lines: Bio Marine, Bio Spa and Black Pearl. Each line specialises in addressing different aspects of skincare, so this is a brand to turn to for diversity.

Sea of Spa Bio Marine – Purifying Mineral Mud
Sea of Spa Bio Marine – Purifying Mineral Mud

Bio Marine is a line of creams and serums, designed to nourish and revive skin. Bio Marine products tend to have very smooth and velvety textures.

The Bio Spa line has a huge number of cosmetics to choose from, including: hair care to nails; gift sets to bath lotion. Enriched with Shea butter, olive oil, honey, pomegranate, avocado and aloe Vera- to name only a few- Sea Spa is clearly a brand pleasing all tastes and wants.

Black Pearl contains a unique blend of black pearl powder, seaweed and Dead Sea minerals, making it reliable for maximum nourishment and rejuvenation.

In general, Sea of Spa products don’t seem to pack as much of a punch in comparison to similar Dead Sea products on the market. For normal/combination skin- and those who aren’t set on luxury- then Sea of Spa does a good job at a great price.


  • Many of the cosmetics in this range aim to address those who want to restore skin’s vitality and reap anti-aging benefits.
  • You’ll find Sea of Spa more generous when it comes to amount of product for the price. Their Bio Marine Massage lotion, for example, at 180ml per tube, lasts several uses for the kind price of $7.50!


  • If there’s a specific skin issue you’re hoping to address, you’d be better off going to a more expensive brand such as Jericho Cosmetics, Ahava or Premier.

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