Seacret Dead Sea Minerals

High in ‘hydration’ is the cosmetics brand, Seacret. For another Dead Sea skincare brand, this company seems to focus its products towards optimizing a hydrating experience for the skin, whilst restoring radiance and smoothness.

Seacret have a particularly iconic ‘mud soap,’ which is great for cleaning excess oils, bacteria and dirt. If you’re new to this brand, Secret’s Mud Soap is a great place to start. In fact, of all the black mud soaps out there, this is the one we’re most keen on! This product is mid-range price, too, so it won’t break the bank to incorporate it into your skin care regime. Sometimes, black mud soaps can be too ‘drying’ on the skin, but what we love about Seacret’s Black Mud Soap is that is seems to be ultra-delicate and gentle on sensitive skin. It’s a winner!

In general, Seacret places a strong emphasis on expertise which (mud soap aside!) may explain the ‘luxury’ price tags on other products, such as the rich, mineral-infused masks. The Age-Defying Revitalize Thermal Mask, for example, stands at nearly $200, but this is because it has an exclusive thermal element- unique to Seacret! The technology is activated by touch with water, stimulating blood flow and creating a warm, revitalizing sensation on the surface of the skin. The product noticeably does what it says it will- and feels great.

Seacret Age Defying REVITALIZE Thermal Mask
Seacret Age Defying REVITALIZE Thermal Mask

However, when it comes to Seacret, one thing we’re more wary of in some products is alcohol and silicones. If you’re someone who likes to stay away from these in your skincare choices, then you’ll want to be more careful to take the time to read the ingredients lists, per product. If you’re open to these formulations, then Seacret delivers on hydration- and sensitive skin does well with this brand.


  • Seacret is a great brand for hydrating products, suitable for sensitive skin types
  • Their iconic product is their Black Mud Soap, raved about for its gentleness on the skin


  • There are alcohol and silicone ingredients used in some products
  • If you don’t like products that ‘heat up’ then be wary of Seacret’s exclusive thermal products

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